• STYLE /Dreamwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /April 2, 2021
  • LABEL /Self-released
  • GUESTSJosh Dally
  • DESIGNERS /fesq.project
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 9/10 ¦
Fantastic LP

Our Few Words

Timecop1983 has finally given us what we have all needed during this pandemic and that’s a full length album. Faded Touch is finally out and features the very talented Josh Dally in terms of writing and performing. Both names are very recognisable within the synthwave scene and both have contributed so much to this ever growing genre. Timecop1983 promises to bring his very best to the table of an expected mix of instrumentals and vocal tracks.

Holding On To The Memories starts off as a relaxing introduction to smooth things out. All the tracks featuring vocals are sun by the ever reliable Josh Dally and the next song Fallin’ is ridiculously catchy and sticks to the relaxing theme. Emotions does exactly what it says on the tin and gives a lot of them during this instrumental. Feel The Same is the next track with Josh Dally on vocals and is a strong anthem within this album with it’s heartfelt lyrics. Moments In Time takes this powerful energy and puts into an instrumental in a similar way Emotions does.

One Night, again with Josh Dally, brings some synthpop to the mix and is a wonderful feel good track and even gives us a little sax. New Beginnings adds to the already superb collection of instruments with it’s relaxing vibes with the next song Forever following its footsteps taking the tempo even slower. Chemical, sung by Josh Dally, is a ridiculously catchy tune at radio airplay length with a kick ass rock n roll solo. Alone is the last instrumental on the album and really packs a punch in those feels; it’s a strong song and possibly our favourite on Faded Touch. Did You Move On? is the last song on the album with Josh Dally taking the vocals with a nice use of a vocoder/vocal effects and bringing the album to a heartbreaking close.

Timecop1983 and Josh Dally are incredibly respected in the scene and Faded Touch shows what they are made of. The album plays like a concept album that not only applies heartbreak to the lyrics and brilliantly in the music too. The mixture of instrumentals and vocals on an album doesn’t usually match up yet somehow Timecop1983 finds a way to mould both styles of tracks together to create an incredible music experience every release without fail. Faded Touch brings tears of sadness and joy along with crisp and clear production and, of course, showcasing Josh Dally with a limelight he deserves.

– Matthew Clewley
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