• STYLE /Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /July 10, 2020
  • LABEL /Counter Records
  • GUESTS /Jupiter Winter
  • DESIGNER /Aaron Campbell
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 7/10 ¦
Good LP

Our Few Words

Since the release of America Online last year we have been eagerly awaiting the release of Monsters by The Midnight.

The Midnight are one of the most successful synthwave acts in recent years and have been developing their sound with each album. Whilst we all love them for their eye watering sax riffs their last record, Kids, proved that they can make great tunes without it. Monsters promised a more 90s approach to their sound which does intrigue to see if their sound would experiment without leading die hard synthwave fans astray.

Monsters opens up with a brief introduction called 1991, just to emphasise what era they are experimenting with. This leads onto America Online which, if you haven’t heard it already, is an incredible tune with a sweet kick to it. Dance With Somebody will dance around in your head after it’s first listen and it’s remarkably catchy. Seventeen is the first song on this album that didn’t have a release as a single; another catchy song with does slightly nod to their previous work with nostalgia going back to their childhood. Dream Away wakes the album up, a decent tune with heartfelt lyrics that does take a little while to get into. The Search for Ecco, presumably a nod to the popular SEGA game Ecco The Dolphin, is a relaxing instrumental for those who enjoy music without vocals. Prom Night, the last single released, is another great song that flirts with the theme of romance and nostalgia.

Fire In The Sky takes a different approach and adds a pinch of EDM and admittedly has been stuck in my head. The title track, only played live previously, is the only song with tremendous guest vocals by Jupiter Winter. Helvetica is another chilled out instrumental that takes us out of the frenzy of some decent tunes. Brooklyn is a calm track that relates to The Midnight’s previous songs more than anything with heartbreaking lyrics and it’s sound. Deep Blue is one of the best tracks on the album and would go down an absolute treat. Night Skies is probably the weakest song out of them all as it’s a good listen, but it wont be a song you’d play over again. City Dreams is a sweet interlude that is somewhat a slight reprise of Seventeen. Last Train plays perfectly as an outro does become an emotional goodbye to what I view as a really good record.

Monsters is a brilliant example of a synthwave band experimenting and succeeding with a different sound. The Midnight always seem to make their theme of nostalgia so fresh and by playing with their sound they completely pull it off. There are a lot of songs on hear that would play around in your head. Despite succeeding with their experimentation they might be a give or take for those who love want something more like Endless Summer. The Midnight deserve all the praise they are given and it just looks as though they can not stop making incredible music.

– Matthew Clewley
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