• STYLE /Future Synth / Dreamwave
  • RELEASE DATE /September, 30 2016
  • CATALOG /HD037
  • LABEL /Relapse Records
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Huge Album

Our Few Words

Contrary to what some might think about this experimental band, S U R V I V E, no, the musicians didn’ t formed themselves a little before the Netflix series with great success « The Stranger Things ». They are 4 and have already made 3 albums before this one. While remaining faithful to their basic sound identity, we feel here a lot of influence and a clear improvement in the sound dimension which is here, even more panoramic and cinematographic. Indeed, the strength that resides in this album is the way it tells a story while remaining very consistent from one track to another, releasing an energy that quickly makes you forget the urge to dance on electronic music. They’re part of the best band to compose some tracks that can carry us with such intensity, and their fourth album R7349 is the proof. Always based on sonorities borrowed from the films of the 80s (synthwave’s world), this album is very good and complements widely the soundtrack of « The Stranger Things » (composed by half of the group). This fourth album is a sure value, listen, you’ll ear by yourself.

Gold quote

Much more than mood-setters for Stranger Things, the synth masters of S U R V I V E carve out a compelling niche of their own.

– Pitchfork