Speed Machine - Dystopian System
  • STYLE /Darksynth, Electroclash
  • RELEASE DATE /October 17, 2019
  • LABEL /Self-released
  • GUESTS /No
  • DESIGNERS /Antunesketch
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

After ‘Lost Planet’ released in 2017 and singles thereafter, Maxime Massine aka Speed Machine, coming from France, finally delivers his first album ‘Dystopian System’ with 14 killing tracks of pure Darkwave from a mysterious Cyberpunk universe.

From the beginning the color is announced. Retro Futuristic sounds inspired by the best sci-fi films of the 80s, all mixed with powerful rhythms and memorable melodies. « Lazerwar (Feat Matt Mason) » is the perfect example that sums up perfectly the artistic direction of the album, notes of synthesizer with a frenzied energy. « Bionic Chase » and « Mechanized Dystopia » combine quality electronic music with exceptional retro sounds, we love it! A style that inevitably reminds Kavinsky, Power Glove brothers or the french guy, Absolute Valentine. With « Megatech Machine », we imagine several scenes of « Street Hawk » series. Some big Retro sounds, catchy and effective! The main melody of « Neuromancer (Feat Misanthropix) » is made for dancefloor, clubs, retro festivals, 80s movies, retro games … It would have a perfect place in series like « AHS 1984 » or « Stranger Things », undoubtedly.

« Perilous Zone » make a pause in the artist’s Cyberpunk universe, inevitably reminiscent of the masterpiece of Vangelis for Blade Runner. « Off World » offers a nice set of quality retro sounds, pure Synthwave! With a little influence of « Mega Drive », « Speed Core » transports us into a monster world at full speed, with heavy rhythms and Dark sounds for a perfection set. In tribute to the movie, « Close Encounter » is directly coming from space! By listening to « Confrontation, » we are projecting directly into James Cameron’s Films, The Terminator or Aliens, to choose from. A powerful and nostalgic track. « Blood and Death » is a perfect Darkwave piece. A fantastic mix between the power of Techno and the nostalgia of Synthwave, a treat to listen to. « Cycle Rock » project us this time into « Highlander 2 » with melodies, stylish guitar sounds and a saturated bassline coming from Ed Banger (1st era). « New 0rder » closes the album with a perfect demonstration between « Tangerine Dream » and « Vitalic ». Can’t wait for the next!

– Space Master
Designed by Space Master

Gold quote

« Dystopian System” is simply an epic melodic cyberpunk oddessy you can’t miss! »

– NewRetroWave