• STYLE /Chillwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /September 6, 2019
  • LABEL /NRW Records
  • GUESTS /Futurecop!
  • DESIGNER /Mizucat
  • FORMAT /Digital, Vinyl, Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 9/10 ¦
Fantastic LP

Our Few Words

Berlin duo Siamese Youth have been making a name for themselves since winning the competition of remixing Futurecop’s Nariyeh Thanei.

Sadly members Mark Gritsenko and Christoph Hassel do not have the largest discography. They have appeared on Futurecop’s Let’s Go, covered Blink 182’s All The Small Things and released the song Lying To Myself. However, they are now releasing a full album, Electric Dreams, on 6th September through New Retro Wave. With incredible potential and expectations we had very high hopes for Electric Dreams. This is exciting as Siamese Youth get to finally showcase their original material on record. Electric Dreams starts off the with 1984; not a Van Halen cover, but it’s a sweet and steady introduction. Coco kicks in and instantly hooks me in with its ridiculously catchy chorus. An updated version of Nariyeh Thanei remix, this one actually featuring Futurecop! Dream On is a is an uplifting ballad with heartfelt lyrics. Lovers is a relaxing and soothing interlude. Lying To Myself has already gained a following due to it being a brilliant song and deserves further exposure on this album. Final Straw adds something different with a sweet guitar solo to continue this uplifting vibes.

Dead Star offers a Sussidio drum beat and a gentle flow to embrace. Yesterday is one of the more lengthy tunes and offers a heart-warming, nostalgic feeling. The album finishes off with 1984 (reprise) ending the album by keeping it familiar and tremendous with the song production. Siamese Youth finally have an album to showcase their music on a full length album. Whilst they continue to slowly grow in the synthwave community Electric Dreams could be the record which will lift their reputation to the skies. It has fantastic production with a heavy analogue feel to it. Vocally and instrumentally it’s a retro fuelled one-two punch that can be compared to the success from The Midnight. Electric Dreams is captivatingly uplifting and nostalgic, it’s a record that is completely essential to anyone in the synthwave community. If they’re patting out tunes like Coco then I cant even wait until their next release. Siamese Youth should be playing at more festivals and hopefully Electric Dreams will get them to venture further out of Berlin. Switch on a reminder on the 6th September and get this album.

– Matthew Clewley
Designed by SpaceMaster

Gold quote

« It’s an album that will win a lot of favour. The more mature and discerning music fan will understand the time-machine that they have built here. »

– dancingaboutarchitecture