• STYLE /Darkwave, Chillwave, Synthpop, Future Funk
  • RELEASE DATE /May 17, 2019
  • LABEL /Electronic Purification Records
  • GUESTS /Ella Thompson (vocal), Robert Parker (guitar), Rob Law (saxophone)
  • DESIGNER /Jarred Hageman aka Chrome & Lightning
  • FORMAT /Digital & Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 10/10 ¦

Our Few Words

It’s not so often there is an highly anticipated comeback from a synthwave artist, but Power Glove have confirmed their return.

They reached incredible critical acclaim since their soundtrack release for « Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon », but over the past few years there have been question marks over where they have been. Pioneers of pushing synthwave to a bigger audience it was relieving to be sent their new release called Playback. The honest truth is that we have not looked forward to a release like this for a very long time. Power Glove have emerged from the shadows to once again give us a taste of we have been missing.

« Sundown » provides the eerie intro before leading into the title track; a funky beat with a Daft Punk twist. « Reset » soothes down the tempo and builds into the even more soothing « Enclosed ». « Firebird » adds a vicious rock edge with a classic Van Halen-style guitar solo. « Clutch » is a kick ass, fist pumping montage anthem that’s then relaxed by « Here We Are ». The action returns with the nerving horror vibes from « Loaded » and the epic 6 minute progressive masterpiece that is « Afterburner ». The horror theme continues with the spine shivering « Adult Themes » and the somewhat Castlevania themed « Haunted ». « Last Breath » is an interlude that takes you aware from the intensity and brings in the sweet and romantic « For Real ». « Secrets » is the only song on Playback that features vocals from the talented Ella; a soft yet powerful voice that provides to this absolute anthem. The album ends with « Daybreak » which soothes things out with an epic choir and a heartbreaking fade out.

Playback is a fantastic mixture of different genres which takes heavy influence from the likes of Daft Punk and Justice. The theme of horror and action is plenty from this 16 track record fuelled by pure musical mayhem. If you’re expecting anything that sounds like any Blood Dragon release it barely relates; but this is a positive step for Power Glove. This is the epic comeback that we have all been waiting for and it’s quite unbelievable that it is finally here.

Power Glove have given everything that they got to release such a critical hit straight at the ear drums. Playback’s immense with innovation, influence and pure instrumental power. For the synthwave genre it’s definitely a step into the shoes where Carpenter Brut is heading with it’s viciously « Heavy sound ». Playback releases on the 17th May and we promise you do exactly what the album title says over and over again.

– Matthew Clewley
Designed by SpaceMaster
Artwork by Chrome & Lightning

Gold quote

With pounding synth operas and pulsing sines that’ll completely shatter your face, Power Glove hits your adrenal gland like a drum.

– Vgm Wax