• STYLE /Darksynth, Futuresynth, Dreamwave
  • RELEASE DATE /July 24, 2020
  • LABEL /NRW Records
  • GUESTS /White
  • DESIGNER /Sam Todhunter, Signalnoise
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Fantastic Compil

Our Few Words

Over the past few years we are seeing far more synthwave compilation albums and they have proven to be hit after hit. Magnatron III from NRW Records is the next big hitter when it comes to compilation albums. It’s a mammoth of an album with a total of 18 songs to jump and dive into with an hour and 15 minutes of pure synthwave bliss. As synthwave is becoming ever so popular we get to see a showcase of some of the finest and underappreciated artists within the scene.

Interstellar by Wice is an electrifying swift kick of an introduction to the compilation album. Waveshaper is back to his best with the chilled out groove on Vivid Stars. Zombie Hyperdrive shakes things up with the thunderous rock synth fusion with Ghostwalker. Absolute Valentine returns with an absolute belting tune with Magnatron Engaged whipping up a vicious bass fuelled frenzy. Active Aggression by Straplocked feels like the next part of the previous song with a vicious bass and brilliant guitar work. SAMUS ARAN by ALEX is a smooth blend of a head nodding hip hop beat and cheerful chiptune samples. Power Glove and PYLOT team up for the song Aeon a groovy tune that keeps the heavy theme going. Tonebox gives us a slow and punchy groove with their song Pulsar Blast. TOKYO ROSE rocks the album with an excellent effort with TYRAEL.

The second half of Magnatron III gives us a straight forward and great track from F.O.O.L called The Truth. Daniel Deluxe next provides us with the laidback track with a slick beat called Frontier. Destiny Unknown by Sandman is a change of pace and resonates a classic, well written synth track. Donbor’s song Brume is a hard hitting track with some great industrial influence. DEADLIFE brings Grit Rewired in with it’s chugging bass and synth of top quality. Turboslash cranks up the show with a viciously stunning bass reeking of Waters of Nazareth with Phantom. Orax continues this rampant sound on with Shelter powering through. Kick Puncher’s Last Resolve is a decent soothing tune until it kicks up halfway through. The last song is Volkor X with the giant ending to the album called. Aftermath which, if you’re committed to long songs, is a great journey in itself.

As far as compilations go Magnatron III is a solid take on those type of records. There are some very recognisable names on this list and some that aren’t which is a great blend. The songs are never the same which is an impressive variety of influences and sounds. This is definitely something for synthwave fans who just want to sit down and listen to some music. This is a long compilation, but Magnetron III is an essential listen to those who excellent synthwave with no vocals.

– Matthew Clewley
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