• STYLE /Chillwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /January 3, 2020
  • LABEL /Outland Recordings
  • GUESTS /Parallels, NINA, Kel
  • DESIGNERS /Marquee Adam
  • FORMAT /Digital, Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

Outland Recordings certainly love giving their all at the moment when it comes to their musicians and Morgan Willis’ new album is an example of that.

Dreamer is a synthpop adventure which promises well produced and polished off songs to keep you going throughout the day. It features collaborations from Paralells, NINA (who seems to be everywhere at the moment!) and KEL. A thirteen track LP which is what fans of Morgan Willis have been waiting for since The Jenkins House. Dreamer seems to offer something different to previous releases, but let’s dig deeper.

Following from the light and brief intro Lou and Giu comes the catchy and cheerful Dark Before The Dream featuring Parallels. Iza starts off unexpected with a beautiful piano melody bursting out with a peaceful flood of calming synth. Back To The Start featuring NINA continues this vibe with such a soft and brilliant performance by the lady herself. The next track Invisible is an upbeat yet sad song that is a perfect follow up from NINA’s performance and leading into the ambient fuelled Daydream.

The last collaboration featuring KEL is called Rabbit Hole Chasing You which is in my eyes is a stand out track that ticks all the right boxes. Dreamer is a soft and melodic instrumental which keeps the same momentum throughout and leads into the uplifting and thumping track New Life. C.O.M.A reeks of pure Depeche Mode and it easily our favourite song; it’s catchy, funky and adds a swift kick to Dreamer. Teenager is everything pure and nostalgic in relation to the 80’s contained into a single song, our best track too. We Are Young carries that funk and punch from C.O.M.A without the vocals. To conclude the album is the 8 minute epic Forever; it’s a great track that sums up this entire album.

Dreamer is an high energy synthpop triumph where it hits the right notes in every aspect. Willis’ production is absolutely crisp and flawless, his vocals and musicianship are impeccable and his makes brilliant use of his collaborations. Dreamer is a synthwave triumph where the album maintains its consistency with theme and quality throughout. It’s uplifting and addictive, Morgan Willis has definitely created a world of wonders.

– Matthew Clewley
Designed by Space Master

Gold quote

« Dreamer is an album that feels youthful, hopeful and full of life. It is like driving some glorious sports car in a video game. »

– Magnetic Mag