• STYLE /Chillwave, Ambient Funk, Synthjazz
  • RELEASE DATE /April 23, 2021
  • LABEL /Mad Decent
  • DESIGNERS /Arseniy Chebynkin
  • FORMAT /Digital, Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

Mitch Murder has returned to the joy of many Synthwave fans with the upcoming new album ‘Then Again’. If you’re reading this then we trust that you have heard of Mitch Murder who is a Synthwave Pioneer. Inevitably we have to say he was key to the making of ‘Kung Fury’ with his musical influence. Mitch Murder is much more than that movie and has constantly released top notch bangers when it comes to songs and albums. This is the first full length release since Selection 5 (which we also reviewed) when that came out in 2018. Let’s see if ‘Then Again’ packs any punches.

Skybound is the first song on ‘Then Again’ and it’s incredibly chilled with excellent use of subtle 8bit sounds and gentle guitar work. Star Club spices up the mood with a funky bassline and amazing use of horn and woodwind samples. Frost experiments more with the ambient elements the songs previously have showcased. Ocean Parkway wakes up the mood with some strong SEGA Mega Drive video game vibes. The title track passes the baton with this somewhat happy atmosphere and turns it into a slick groove. Body Talk, which has be released as a single, is ridiculously funky and will stay in your head.

Twilight Marina keeps the Mitch Murder’s well equipped funky and delivers a wicked groove. Island Line keeps this theme whilst being more adventurous with the use of samples. Prism calms things down with a gentle start that gradually becomes more lively as the track goes on. Shirahama experiments with acapella and natural ambience in such a delightful track. Someplace Else is the finale on this album and draws out the ambient funk to make a satisfying ending.

The mix of funk and ambience makes this release very unique and shows off Mitch Murder’s versatility of meddling with genres around Synthwave. It’s an album you can close your eyes to and wander off into your imagination. It’s as we would expect a Mitch Murder album to be; clean production, tremendous sounds and perfectly professional. Whilst the album is calm it’s production is amazing as each song feels they are related to each other rather than just 11 songs thrown onto a record. Then Again is a stroke of brilliance creating this joyous atmosphere with each song that can only be described as ambient funk.

– Matthew Clewley
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