• STYLE /Chillwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /September 06, 2018
  • FORMAT /Digital

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¦ 7/10 ¦
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Our Few Words

It’s approaching 10 years since Mitch Murder released his first EP After Hours that started his influence behind more than just the music. The Swedish musician, real name Johan Bengtsson, brings more to his sound than just the addictive 80’s vibe we all know and love. His music is one of the main influences behind the Kickstarter sensation Kung Fury as well as being the main feature artist and collaborating with David Hasselhoff on the soundtrack.

Mitch Murder brings out another addition to the Selection series with the fifth installement being the first release since January this year with Instances (Stratos Zero). Selection 5 is one of the popular compilation albums released by Mitch Murder. Presents gives us that awesome Kung Fury vibe despite it being the brief opener to Selection 5. The highlights of the album begin with The Line; it starts off eerie only to then kick in with splendid rhythm. Pool Position is one of most experimental tracks on the album adding a very fitting element of chiptune that sounds like it has escaped Shovel Knight’s soundtrack. Satellite Young collaborates on the insanely catchy and upbeat Time Paradox; the other credited guest on the album is the wonderfully talented Megan McDuffee on Into the Night. Once of the most notable elements of Selection 5 is Mitch Murder’s capability to constantly create new and exciting songs. This is not the case with every song on this album unfortunately, We’re not a fan of the very short songs. It was a nice surprise to hear the cover of Space Harrier which is one of my favourite SEGA games. The dark, Mortal Kombat style element behind Taken might seem out of place to some, but I happily greet it with open arms (or ears in this case). Admittedly it’s quite tough to get the riff from Rad Flute out of my head (especially at work). Selection 5 is packed with some typical Mitch Murder charm that proves how unique he is with his synthwave sound. It’s not his strong release when it comes to albums or compilations, but it mostly certainly deserves numerous listens as Mitch Murder still has that edge amongst most synthwave artists. However there are only a Selection of songs which can match the epic tier of his previous releases.

– Matthew Clewley

Gold quote

These tracks really brings on the “various degrees of 80’s cheese”.

– Western Courier