• STYLE /Chillwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /October 06, 2017
  • LABEL /TimeSlave Recordings
  • FORMAT /Digital / Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 08/10 ¦
Great EP

LP tracklist

Our Few Words

Michael Oakley, musician and singer from Glasgow, released his first EP on the English label TimeSlave Recordings with 6 tracks, honoring Synthpop style. The strength of those songs resides in the melancholy that emerge and the power of the sounds that projecting us in the 80s but with a little touch of very substantial modernity. A music that nostalgically recalls the romantic moments of iconic movies from the 80s like those of Joe Dante and Spielberg, or mythical series like Miami Vice or K2000. For the story, the EP was created in California (hence the title) after a very painful breakup so each song was imbued by this tragedy, making it exceptional love songs. It starts with the very first production of the artist, the magnificent « Rabbit in the Headlights » which had more than 158k views on the youtube channel NewRetroWave. The artist’s voice, which blends perfectly with the spirit of the 80’s, is automatically reminiscent of the voices of the leaders of Tears for Fears, Simple Minds and A-ha. A clever blend of epic synthesizer sounds, masterfully compressed rhythms, typical guitar melodies played by Tommy Phillips to captivating choruses filled with disturbing vibrations (good side). From the first song to « End Of Summer », it’s a real success both vocally and musically, which is very rare for a first release. Note that two music videos related to « California » have been released, one for the very romantic « Turn Back Time » (with a gorgeous DeLorean) and an excellent video with VHS effects for the fantastic track named « California » with Missing Words. The quality of this EP is also included in an irreproachable mastering managed by Pete Maher. Some emotions are there so, mission accomplished for Michael Oakley. Can’t wait for the next release!

Gold quote

Over all, the music sounds true to his vision, with each track bleeding these romantic, 80’s synth-pop vibes. “California” is an overall fantastic soundtrack retro-ballad of an EP, and a fantastic debut as well.

– NewRetroWave