• STYLE /Outrun, 8-bit
  • RELEASE DATE /March 12, 2021
  • LABEL /Self-released
  • DESIGNERS /Outerminds
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 7/10 ¦
Cool EP

Our Few Words

After scoring the sound track to Turbo Kid back in 2015 Le Matos are back to score the Turbo Kid video game. The original soundtrack garnered critical praise and this is brilliant news for those who have followed Turbo Kid. Turbo Kid spear headed the lead into indie film making with a heavy synthwave soundtrack along with Kung Fury and Blood Machines. The new Turbo Kid game is expected to be in a similar style to the Metroid games.

Now this sound track is chiptune so it wouldn’t be something we would normally review, but however here I am! Rise of Turbo Kid sounds ridiculously good in chip tune with its addictive melody and suspenseful synths which come together as a superb team up of chiptune and synthwave. No Tomorrow is a cover of the song on the original soundtrack that featured Pawws. This cover does rhe original justice and really gives that 80s video game vibes.

The EP is short, but sweet and the songs are both different but really well made. This does seem to be more of a single however and showcasing more of the music would have been great. Rise of Turbo Kid balances chiptune and synthwave into an almighty partnerships and No Tomorrow is good old chiptune. They are two sides to the same coin however, and hopefully get to see more from the talents of Le Matos upon the games release.

– Matthew Clewley
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