Our Few Words

Following his album « Skull and Shark » released in 2013, « Lazerhawk » aka Garrett Hays from Texas, is return on January 18, 2017 with a long awaited album in the world of Synthwave music. This new LP is called « DreamRider » and it’s released once again by « Rosso Corsa Records ». Accompanied by a huge cover created by the graphic artist « Michael Delaporte » featuring all the Retro Design codes (car in full speed, bright colors, fantastic effects), Mister Hays is back in strength with cinematographic melodies (Nicolas Winding Refn, if you are here) sublimated by wonderful sounds of 80s synthesizerd, with tracks that are as fantastic as the others. Unlike the previous album, this one contains a single collaboration for a Synth-pop song with the sensational « Feel The Rush Tonight » in featuring with the excellent english band GUNSHIP. To make his fans wait, he released a few track of this jewel under different names on his soundcloud account and various blogs. As the name suggests, calmly listening to these sounds inspired by the best of « John Carpenter » and « Giorgio Moroder », we imagine ourselves dreaming by driving a high-speed car into a retro-futuristic gravitational universe. Bet won Garrett, this is an exceptional album, we ask for more!

Gold quote

The absolutely tangible emotional investment in every second of every track makes your feel as much as you hear and it holds you for the album’s duration.

– Synthetix.fm