• STYLE /Dreamwave, Outrun
  • RELEASE DATE /March 6, 2018
  • CATALOG /RC 006
  • LABEL /Rosso Corsa Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 7/10 ¦
Good LP

LP tracklist

Our Few Words

Australian producer Jordan F has come a long way from the second wave of dreamwave after being signed by Rosso Corsa Records.

Following from his popular remixes and eventually an EP he dropped his debut album « Slipstream » in 2014. Two years later his sophomore album Timelines was released exploring more with the dreamwave sound wth varieties of vocal talents. Jordan F has seen his reputation build up to all kinds of levels. Whilst he was quiet on a solo front in 2017, his music was featured in the Netflix release of Deathnote and he released a collaboration EP with fellow Australian musicians Vast Hill. He has now introduced his brand new album Oblivion to the world and here is the verdict. Oblivion starts off with smooth and relaxing grooves with the opening song The Portal and following songs Organism and Energy. The Blight is an incredibly chilling piece of musicianship that sounds like a stealth mission scene in a movie. The album starts off beautifully with calm sounding tunes to ease you into what I feel quite an action packed middle part of the album. Night Breed wakens things up with funky distorted bass grooves; Sanctuary keeps the funk rolling. The Chasm is a fun song with it’s irregular drum patterns and relaxing vibe. Overdrive kicks things back up a notch which is followed on by the extremely length Labyrinth. We Live ends Oblivion as a brief piano ballad. Oblivion is a great album that would be ideal to listen to with your head tilted back whilst zoning out completely. Most of the album is a fantastic listen which offers more or less a variety of well written songs. Though near the end of the album the 10 minute Labyrinth can be a fun listen, but may not be easy to digest for some listeners. Unlike Timelines, Oblivion has no vocals in it and is an enjoyable and smooth listen representing brilliant musicianship; if you’re expected something similar to Timelines then you’re maybe mislead. Oblivion has the entertaining factor of weighing out the chilled out grooves with different kinds of emotions with each song. Jordan F is one of the finest artists to come from Australia in recent years and Oblivion does proof that. It’s not the strongest of his albums, but it is a very pleasant listen.

– Matthew Clewley

Gold quote

Jordan F entered the Olymp of Synthwave and has to be named with the Soundgods Kavinsky and Power Glove.

– Drive Radio