• STYLE /Future Funk, Italo Disco
  • RELEASE DATE /January 7, 2020
  • LABEL /Datacorder Records
  • GUESTS /No guest
  • DESIGNERS /Elen Tu Zur
  • FORMAT /Digital

RSW rating ➔

¦ 9/10 ¦
Fantastic LP

Our Few Words

To start the year 2020 off with style, the multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer Manolis aka iamMANOLIS whom we knew with the great ‘Datacorder’, has just released a mini album named IAM with 8 tracks. And it’s a real musical pearl!

We know that the artist is a big fan of Electronic Music and Funk from the 70/80s (check his Youtube channel), and the least one can say, it’s that IAM is the worthy representation of it. Overall, we feel absolute mastery in melodies, retro sounds, guitar riffs and vintage rhythms. A music that is sometimes very engaging, sometimes very relaxing, simple but extremely effective. Manolis is an experienced musician and you can feel it listening to the first musical notes. No featurings in this album, like all his compositions. Let’s start the analysis!

The album begins with ‘Golden’, a smart Disco Funk song with a very pleasant bass line and engaging melodies. We could imagine it with a featuring of Jay Kay from the legendary band Jamiroquai. ‘Heat’, one of the best track of the LP for us, starts off like a good 80s movie with very typical synth sounds and melodies with incredible vibes. We love it! The excellent ‘Breakthrough’ brings to mind the extremely classy music that can be found in car video games like Gran Turismo. Amazing melodies enrich this track, a real power emerges! The very calm and soft ‘Bared Soul’ immediately brings to mind the Slow Motion universe of Vaporwave (which we also really like). We move on to our favorites, ‘Jul 83’ a heavy  and sunny track that gives the joy of life at first listen. A tasty blend of Chillwave, Future Funk and Italo Disco…  a true delight for our ears. ‘Lucid Dream’ is the the best 80s track of IAM, with retro atmospher and melodies come from love movies with a dash of nostalgia, love and humor. Success! The track ‘Seashore’ is our second favorite. From its first notes, the vibes are incredible! Fantastic bassline, great Synth sounds, efficient melodies, we love it! ‘Mellow’ brings the album to a close and just like ‘Bared Soul’, the song is soft but powerful. A real success, strongly following!

– Space Master
Designed by Space Master

Gold quote

« Very nice retro synths, the older they are the more unique this music is. »

– AR from Soundcloud