Our Few Words

ELEVN is a very recent band from France composed of Jérôme Hantise (HANTISE) and Matthieu Roszak (formerly HOLLOW CORP). The duo focuses mainly on dark electronic music largely inspired by the best of horror movies of the 80s. Indeed, when we listen the first notes, the agonizing and oppressive atmosphere is felt. We immediately think about great themes such as ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Halloween’, ‘The Thing’, ‘Maniac Cop’, ‘Hellraiser’ and more. With ‘Digital Empire’ the duo takes advantage of their solid experience of composer to carry us with subtlety to their particular universe. A clever mix between the powerful and immortal energy of Heavy Metal and the growing beauty of synthetic tablecloths directly related to Synthwave music. The whole forming an exceptional Darksynth music. With a touch more ‘Rock’ and darker than that music monsters Carpenter Brut or Perturbator (who also come from France and Metal). If we could compare them, we would take the American duo Dance with the Dead, but it seems that Elevn go even further into the horror theme. Some tracks are accompanied by exceptional vocals such as the magic ‘Mayday’ with 2grump (reminding the Nickelback singer), but also the excellent ‘Rise of the Leviathan’ featuring Statik G for a hard Darksynth Fusion, but also Jared Kyle, Me And My Shadow for huge collaborations. A completely cinematic LP (we think about ‘From Beyond’ or ‘Gates of Hell’) that we would see in a good 80s remake by Rob Zombie or a real sequel of ‘The Thing’ by the horror master John Carpenter. Horrific but also colorful, the rhythms are as varied as catchy, the melodies are memorable and the choice of vocals very judicious. Power, Time Machine and Horror, here are the key words of this album. And for those who would not have noticed, it has 11 tracks as their band name. Note that the cover was drawn by the Ukrainian artist named Cardan. The first single of the album, ‘Digital Asylum’, has just got its video clip, here. Bravo, we love it!

Gold quote

A hard and heavy mixture from Dark Synth and finest Metal. They made that combination perfect and created their own dark and twisted sound.

– Drive Radio