• STYLE /Synthpop, Outrun
  • RELEASE DATE /September 8, 2020
  • LABEL /Celladora Music
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

Whilst the world is seeming more bleak as the days go by lets all remind ourselves that Droid Bishop has a new album.

Music is the new release since last years Rebirth of the Machine with this following on from some amazing synthwave releases this year. Droid Bishop has kept busy and we are hoping that the hard work has paid off with Music. James Bowen is another talented Australian synthwave musician like Jordan F who takes pride in the music that is created. We gave Music a good listen to provide an insight to Droid Bishop’s creative flow.

Music, the title track, is a brief introduction which leads us to the groovy and catchy follow up track The Light. Future Noir is a funky instrumental that will get the feet tapping. Through The Fire is a sweet track that feels like a 70s Prog track instrumentally that sounds like it is creeping out of a Yes album. After Sunfall mellows the mood down into a ballad enriched with emotion without relying on vocals. The Outliers is a fitting soundtrack for a stylish stroll down the road keeping with that Prog vibe. Only A Memory is a relaxing interlude to trigger the half way checkpoint on the album. Doin It Right brings the vibe back with such a kick ass disco feeling leaving you in a good mood.

Electric City is another instrumental that takes us away from reality; the instrumentals aren’t repetitive on this album which is a huge bonus. Dreamlander follows on with beautiful guitar play and orchestral sound. Into The Stars is lyrically and musically amazing and is possibly my favourite song; it is soothing and catchy. From Beyond rocks on through at a steady tempo and plenty of instrumental activity keeping the song exciting. End Game ramps it up continuing the entertaining levels sky high. The Cosmic Infinite draws the album to a close with an excellent use of the string instruments, sound samples and, again, maintaining the excitement.

Music is such a unique release which we really like for its incredible blend of synthwave and disco whilst adding the adventurous nature of prog rock which only bands like Justice could pull off. It’s an amazing album that keeps itself on its toes with plenty of action to be impressed by. Personally we would like more vocals, but that doesn’t score this album down. Droid Bishop is another prime example that synthwave can escape being generic and mix itself with other genres and pull it off so superbly. Music is an album that deserves to be in your collection due to the sheer adventurous nature of it providing the core entertainment.

– Matthew Clewley
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