• STYLE /Mid-fi Synthwave, Future Funk
  • RELEASE DATE /May 17, 2019
  • LABEL /Ghostly International
  • GUESTS /No Guests
  • DESIGNER /Seth Haley
  • FORMAT /Digital & Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Great LP

Our Few Words

Com Truise has been a shining light over the past nine years since his release with the tremendous EP Cyanide Sisters.

He is an expert at chillwave which has been demonstrated in the Com Truise saga after that concluded with the release of iteration. Arguably he is one of the most popular synthwave artists out there after delivering original and remixed content time and time again. Persuasion System is the new release from Com Truise that is moving on from the previous work and will hopefully continue his dominance as a pioneering chillwave musician.

Worldine is a repetitive yet upbringing introduction to the album is glossed with a shoegazing vibe. The title track follows from it with a swift bassline and the continuous shoegazing momentum easing out into an eerie piano ending. Gaussian soothes the eerie feeling into this brief yet beautiful ambient track. Ultrafiche of You picks up the album and gives it intensity and adds a lively kick to the relaxing vibe. Kontex is a majestic synthwave masterpiece that reeks purely of analogue scent; it sounds like it’s written for a horror film. Existence Schematic provides a fist pumping drum beat that provides the fun compared to the use of the synths and bring some more life to the album. The eerie vibe returns with Laconism with a fast tempo beat and a haunting bassline to go along with it. The longest and most adventurous track is Privilege Escalation provides this dark yet funky ambience the emphasise the vibe of the album into one song. The album ends on suitably named Departure which is a somewhat emotional end to such a solid record.

Persuasion System is a new chapter from the Com Truise saga that showcases the love and dedication to its intense ambience. There is a great balance of chillwave and shoegazing that makes it easy to get lost into the album. It may not have the same level of intrigue as his previous work, but Com Truise provides absolute masterpieces when it comes to sitting and relaxing to beautifully composed music. Persuasion System is a fine instrumental album that gets everything it can out of each instrumental and layer of composition. It does lack the freshness once issued with his previous material.

– Matthew Clewley
Designed by SpaceMaster
Artwork by Com Truise

Gold quote

The resulting Persuasion System, in the form of nine tracks and just over half an hour, is unmistakably recognizable as Com Truise.

– Pop Matters