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After his 2013 album « Héritage » and the tremendous success of the track « A Real Hero » with Electric Youth for the film « Drive, » French musician College, also known as David Grellier and a loyal member of the Valerie collective, has released his latest album titled « Old Tapes. » This album is not so much a collection of new compositions but a selection of the best tracks (14 in total) that he had kept as demos since 2006. It’s a fitting way to celebrate his 10 years of music under the name « College. »

The album takes listeners on an intimate journey into the world of the French artist. Some tracks give clues about when they were created and why they weren’t included in previous albums. While still rooted in the sounds influenced by the best of the 80s, David manages to create modern electronic music. Even though these might not be his favorite tracks, they transport us into his retro, melancholic universe, which is as endearing as it is captivating. It’s a delightful way to keep his fans engaged while they wait for his next compositions.

« Old Tapes » can be seen as a « best of » collection of lost tracks, possibly marking the end of an era and hinting at a new direction. David plans to release his next LP on the English label « Invada Records, » titled « Shanghai, » and it’s something fans can eagerly anticipate. Stay tuned for more from this talented artist!

Gold quote

it opens a window into the various tendencies of Grellier’s pioneering use of retro elements to create something new and modern

– Vehlinggo