• STYLE /Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /June 26, 2020
  • LABEL /NRW Records
  • GUESTS /Dana Jean Phoenix, Timecop1983, Josh Dally, Camille Glémet
  • DESIGNER /Joakim Reimer & Rolly Rocket
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / Cassette

RSW rating ➔

¦ 9/10 ¦
Huge LP

Our Few Words

A new band has joined the ranks at NewRetroWave at the likes of the highly anticipated At 1980. It’s a synthwave duo formed by Adrian Quesada Michelena from Spain and Josh Dally from England. Both of them possess huge amounts of talents when it comes to making and playing music. Josh Dally has an impressive CV when collaborating with artists which include FM-84, Timecop1983 and Moonrunner83. A Thousand Lives is their debut release and has some amazing guest stars we all know and love from synthwave.

The album title track is a fantastic and soothing introduction featuring the amazing vocal talents of Dana Jean Phoenix. In The Air is incredibly upbeat and brings the record to life with Dally showcasing his amazing vocals and Timecop1983 providing a guest appearance. Missing You introduces a more guitar orientated sound and is insanely catchy. Have A Heart continues the vibe where you just wanna get off your ass and dance the night away. Oblivion is an instrumental with a vicious beat that kick starts the half way point of the album.

Play It (On The Radio) is explains where this album should be played with its laidback vibe. The next song, Now, follows the last song with the vibe with a powerful chorus. Drifting Away is a track you would hear at an 80’s prom; it’s a funky, heartfelt ballad that you will stick on repeat consistently. Camille Glemet provides her brilliant vocals to Run Away which is enough to get your lighters out in the air and swing it from side to side. Neon Sun is the second and last instrumental on the album and is a perfect way to end such an accomplished album.

At 1980’s A Thousand Lives is such a powerful and excellent debut album that you will get hooked on. The musical and vocal talents showcased on this record are at the highest professional level with the mixing and mastering spot on. It’s a gentle listen with some catchy songs that will remain in your head. The fact there’s so few guest appearances makes this album better; in fact, with no disrespect to the guest musicians, this album would still be as good if it were just the duo. A Thousand Lives is one of the best synthwave debuts we’ve heard in a very long time. Long live At 1980, and hopefully after this pandemic we shall be seeing you live.

– Matthew Clewley
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