• STYLE /Darkwave, Synthpop
  • RELEASE DATE /April 19, 2019
  • LABEL /Lazerdiscs Records
  • FORMAT /Digital & CD

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¦ 9/10 ¦
Fantastic LP

Our Few Words

Following on from our exclusive interview comes the long awaiting review for Absolute Valentine’s new album Omega.

Absolute Valentine takes the sheer nostalgia that illuminates synthwave and mixes it with his own style. He co-founded Drive Radio which was pivotal in he synthwave scene along with the amazing record label Lazerdiscs Records. Continuing the discography from Police Heartbreaker the new record OMEGA which will be the main focus for the musician along with upcoming dates for live gigs. We have already expressed our love for the new realised; now it’s time to take into more depth.

Resurrect is a thunderous introduction to OMEGA with mega EDM vibes. Spitfire reeks of heavy influence from Justice’s first album with it’s uses of samples and the melodies. The sinister groove of Panther makes this one funky unforgettable nightmare to withhold. Chillwave springs up during Paramount Glamour Myth until that cracks away with admirable use of chiptune and punchy basslines. The title track OMEGA is a slow paced groove which would sound incredible in a modern horror chase scene.

Chiptune is experimented with again for Your Passenger Forever that engages in a dubstep style and leads up to the synth fuelled monster that is Powertrust. Powertrust is a fun ride through that continues the sheer power OMEGA has throughout. The Impossible is a surprise vocal track where the singer wished to be remained anonymous; an intense track that’s stupidly catchy. Bad Power is exactly what it says on the tin with its growling bass, heavy beat and sweet sounding melodies. OMEGA ends with Strange Hope which brings synthwave and Daft Punk’s Human After All together for an energetic finale.

OMEGA is a gigantic record which would appeal to more than just synthwave fans looking for the genre to be mixed and matched. It’s influences of EDM, chiptune and French Electronic music should catapult this into your album collection. Any fan of anything eletronic will appreciate what Absolute Valentine has done with OMEGA; it’s an album that contains sheer power and heart rushing adrenaline.

Majority of the tracks go hand in hand for what is a vicious stomp into the synthwave world. The genre is expanding and with artists like Absolute Valentine pushing it to different lengths. Absolute Valentine shows with OMEGA that a step further needs to be released with every album and that is why is remains one of the synthwaves influential pioneers.

– Matthew Clewley

Gold quote

In Omega, Absolute Valentine has found a way to reinvent himself, putting his unique spin on all of the exciting subgenres of synthwave.

– Get Some Magazine