• STYLE /Dreamwave, Darksynth, Cyberpunk
  • RELEASE DATE /January 21, 2021
  • LABEL /Lazerdiscs Records
  • GUESTSRemixes by Bloodpanic, Billy Mays Band, Rogue VHS
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl

RSW rating ➔

¦ 8/10 ¦
Great Album

Our Few Words

Absolute Valentine is back with a supreme vengeance with his upcoming new album American Nightmares.

It is the very popular synthwave musician’s first album in two years since his previous release called Omega. He has also contributed to Magnatron III, a synthwave compilation album, with the track Magnatron Reborn. A very popular figure in the scene and also instrumental with building Lazerdisc Records this pioneer might be exactly what we have needed to roll through 2021.

The first song is called Lose Paradise is a gripping introduction to the album ready to strike with the next track. American Nightmares is splendid and crashes through like a bull in a china shop with its strong bass and heavy beats. Heartland Romance is a gentle interlude to relax us from the frantic previous track. Terrordrome keeps the rhythm going and switches gear in the middle of the song. GOTH A.M reeks of Stranger Things and seems more as an interlude than a full song. Razorblade Kisses is a very raunchy track that slices everything out of its way with the energy and slight story element to it.

Chainsaw Revenge is the most eventful track and it packs a punch; you may have already heard this as it has been recently released. Sweet Sweet Death death is another interlude keeping up the horror theme with it’s jewellery box melody. Flesh of Fallen Angels eases the album out into a dark ambient route.

There are three remixes on the album I have listened to and I shall review these in order. American Nightmares, remixed by Bloodpanic, is certainly a fist pumping track GOTH A.M is remixed by Billy Mays Band and offers something better with the use of guitar. Rogue VHS takes the remixing duty for the track Terrordrome and makes it into this sweet and funk ridden track.

The production is expectedly professional and almost flawless from Absolute Valentine. The songs perfectly link together in a way it is telling us a story to some extent. A couple of the songs could have been longer as this effort, despite being instrumentally brilliant, seems a little lacklustre in regards to length. The remixes of the tracks are a very special treat and do improve the quality of this release. American Nightmares is brilliantly produced and placed together and does prove that Absolute Valentine carries his name in the highest regard in the synthwave scene.

– Matthew Clewley
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