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The Zonders is a Studio (collective) of international graphic artists based in Germany who produce mainly for bands of music all around the world.

Their particular and unique style revolutionizes the world of graphic design in both digital and print. They can create a whole surrealist universe according to the specific demands of a customer with well thought-out ideas or, on contrary, of another who must be totally guided according to the theme of his disc. Their primary influences vary between art and culture forming a great creativity around a retro-futuristic style (in large part) taken from the 80s. They continually seek to develop and renew themselves by passion but also for the pleasure of their very sharp clientele. For information, they are the favorite graphic designers of « VALERIE collective » and the pillar of Synthwave Music, College.

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Country: Germany (Berlin)

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ZOMBIES – L.A. Flesheaters
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