About the Artist

Ludwig OBLIN is a photographer, under the alias of Lytnim, and cinematographer from Montpellier, France. Rather than capturing instants, he prefers to create realities which is way more thrilling, especially when he can add an 80s touch.

Heavily influenced by what the 80s/90s did best (movies, music, comics, video games, culture, etc.) and its return through Synthwave Music, his work is a frenzy combination of the 80s aesthetic and today’s technology, thus creating a transcendantal reality ! Most of his works are made in studio, giving him the ability to create a space, a mood, an atmosphere through light. Furthermore, his knowledge in Photoshop gives free rein to his imagination to work the material, to sculpt and to improve the photo.

Besides photography, he’s also a cinematographer working for digital series and short-films.

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Artist Contact: Ludwig Oblin

Artist Portfolio: Lytnim Photography

Country: France (Montpellier)

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