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Kyle Lambert is an L.A. based Illustrator / Digital Artist, expert in modern painting with an exceptional creativity. He’s an artist with a great talent and recognized in the advertising and film industry. He could be compared to the legend ‘Drew Struzan’ (Star Wars, Back to the Future, Blade Runner).

Kyle trained in traditional oil painting to become one of the best digital illustrators using the latest graphics technology. He has worked for major companies such as Adobe, Apple, Disney, GQ and Vanity Fair but also for Hollywood cinema with Paramount Studios and of course for NETFLIX with his fantastic posters of the two seasons of the legendary ‘Stranger Things’. He has received many positive feedbacks from fans of the series but also from the worldwide press. Kyle is also behind the ‘Super 8’ movie poster by ‘J.J. Abrams’ and ‘Steven Spielberg’ (DVD and Blu-ray edition). The magic of his artworks is born from his passion for art, design and storytelling with modern techniques. All of that allowed him to push his limits to the top like, for example, an extremely detailed representation of the actor ‘Morgan Freeman’ only made with an iPad. The artist works with an iPad Pro, the Procreate application and an Apple pencil as well as on computer with Adobe Photoshop combined with the Wacom Intuos tablet. He also does some conferences and exhibitions to exhibit his art. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Agent Contact: Kyle Art Studio

Artist Contact: Kyle Lambert

Artist Portfolio: KL website

Country: United States (Los Angeles)

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