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Johnson Ting is a Malaysian illustrator graduated from the award-winning Institute of Arts and Design “The One Academy of Communication Design”. After several years in the entertainment industry, he’s now active in New York in the United states of America as a Concept Artist for science fiction and action films and futuristic video games.

The artist comes from a small town in Malaysia and since his very young age he had a dream of working in the world of design as a designer. After his diploma, he has perfected the art of illustration and comics for collaborative work as a concept designer in Malaysia. His fanaticism for the world of science fiction has allowed him to have an exceptional style with extreme precision and a high artistic level for concept art. Also a fan of Marvel, he did a lot of deviation from his favorite superheroes. His great talent permit him to go to the United States to work for legendary games such as “Mortal Kombat X”, “Halo” or movies like “Pacific Rims”. He has just completed a big project called “Frontier Buccaneers – 360 VR Experience” around a concept of virtual reality following a group of pirate into a space opera atmosphere. Work in progresse… He hasn’t yet worked for the music industry of Synthwave but it will not be long.

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