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James White, based in Dartmouth, Canada, is a multifaceted creative professional, renowned as an illustrator, web designer, and speaker. His work, heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the 1980s, is especially recognized for its vibrant and colorful posters that resonate deeply with the world of Synthwave Music.

James White, a visual artist born in 1977 in Nova Scotia, North America, has had a lifelong passion for creativity. Since the age of four, he would secretly use paper from his parents’ typewriter to indulge in his love for drawing. This early interest laid the foundation for his future career. After high school, White’s fascination with graphic design grew, particularly through courses in Photoshop and Illustrator in Dartmouth, where he became proficient in these Adobe software, paving the way for his digital artistry.

White’s professional journey began in earnest in 1998 when he started working as an infographist and web designer, immersing himself in both print and web domains. His dedication extended beyond his day job as he devoted his weekends and evenings to personal projects. This relentless commitment led to the establishment of his own studio, « Signalnoise, » where his talent quickly gained recognition. His distinctive style caught the attention of large international corporations, enabling him to collaborate with giants like Google, Adobe, MTV, Universal Music, Nike, Ubisoft, Toyota, and Red Bull, among others. One notable project was the graphic charter for Ubisoft’s game « Trials of the Blood Dragon, » which featured his illustrations.

Currently, White is involved in artistic projects utilizing a neon-infused technique, allowing him to recreate aspects of his childhood imaginings. He also designed the « Rogue NASA » logo for science programs. Known for his participation in numerous graphic design conferences and events worldwide, White’s influence in the design community is substantial, and he shows no signs of slowing down, promising more innovative work in the near future.

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Agent Contact: Alex Suchet

Artist Contact: James White

Artist Portfolio: Signalnoise Studio

Country: Canada (Dartmouth)

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James White will not participate in any event in 2016 but he will come back in 2017.
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