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James White is an illustrator, a web designer but also a speaker living in Canada at Dartmouth. Influenced by the 80s, he’s known for having created very colorful posters closely related to the world of Synthwave Music.

The visual artist was born in 1977 in North America at Nova Scotia. Since he was 4 years old, in secret, James was amusing himself to steal some paper from the typewriter of his parents to draw. After graduating from high school, he became very interested in the world of graphic design through courses about Photoshop and Illustrator for which he attended at Dartmouth. He became an expert of these softwares from Adobe (for which he worked) and then he was able to represent his talents in digital with computers. His professional career began truly in 1998 as an infographist and web designer touching directly the world of Print and Web. In parallel during weekends and evenings, James worked hard on personal projects, which resulted to the creation of his own Studio named « Signalnoise ». His talent quickly became known and allowed him to work with large international companies like « Google », « Adobe », « MTV », « Universal Music », « Nike », « Ubisoft », « Toyota », « Red Bull » and many others. One of his latest project is the graphic charter of the Ubisoft game named « Trials of the Blood Dragon » with many illustrations (article here). Nowadays, James is involved in artistic projects related to neon-infused technique allowing him to create some pieces of his childhood and a logo « Rogue NASA » for science programs. While participating in numerous conferences and events related to the world of graphic design all around the world in 2016, he will be back very soon.

How to Join James

Agent Contact: Alex Suchet

Artist Contact: James White

Artist Portfolio: Signalnoise Studio

Country: Canada (Dartmouth)

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Upcoming Events

James White will not participate in any event in 2016 but he will come back in 2017.
If you have something to propose, don’t hesitate to contact him.

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