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Ilya Shichkin is a 3D artist from St. Petersburg in Russia. He was born in a village in Northern Russia and spent his youth there until he graduated from high school.

In 2011 he left for the city of Chelyabinsk, entered the university, in the same year he became interested in CG. For a long time it was a hobby for the sake of entertainment and he did it in his free time between studies. In 2015, by the end of his studies at the university, the hobby began to develop into work. The first freelance would appear and he devoted almost all of his time to CG rather than studying. In 2017, he entered the gamedev industry, started developing computer games, which he still does to this day. He has worked on projects for such companies as Activision (call of duty Black OPs 4 and Modern Warfare), Microsoft (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020), also on projects for Rebellion, Arkane Studios and others. Ilya mainly deals with game-ready AAA modeling and texturing in all directions, weapons, vehicle, trees, environments, and so on. Also he is engaged in animation and special effects. He has worked mainly in software such as blender, maya, Allegorithmic texturing programs, zbrush, Marvelous Designer and many other programs. In his free time, he is freelancing and developing his cg skills to help artists in the implementation of their projects. He loves electronic music for the mood in the main genres, Daft Punk, light drum and bass, as well as Japanese electronic pop music.

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