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Florian Renner is a German graphic designer and 3D animator born in Landshut. He possesses an enormous talent in graphics with a retro-futuristic style. The smallest details of his many projects are of the highest quality.

Graduated in advertising and certified in the world of communication, he works independently for renowned agencies but also for individuals. He develops corporate designs, conference visuals, illustrations and stunning 3D animations for Synthwave music bands. So he has the ability to do some artistic direction, 3D visualization, corporate design, exhibition design and digital art. He’s been an artist since 2001 and has wanted to be an independent freelancer since 2011. He worked for « Huawei », « Audi », « SAP », « KMS » and many others but it was with his video named « Retrowave » that he became known to the Synthwave world. This resulted in a fantastic trailer for the release of the album of the Swedish musician « Robert Parker » and a cover for his last album, from NRW Records (new retro wave) and Lazerdisk Records.

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