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Trevor Something is an American musician from Florida (Miami). An electronic music composer, charismatic singer, 3D animator and film director, Trevor is a complete artist. He maintains a great mystery around his identity with a hooded character who never shows his face.

He’s an expert in electronic music who’s inspired by the sounds of the 80s. Totally adept of NEW WAVE music with covers like « Enjoy the Silece » by Depeche Mode (from Trevor Something does not exist 2014), but he’s also inspired by sounds of video games of the old generation with tracks such as « Chun Li’s Revenge » or « Sega Genesis ». He’s able to compose some ultra-powerful Down Tempo tracks but also some pure Rock style with his latest album named « Die With You », released in May 19, 2017. But it’s in Synthwave scene where he’s the most active and especially recognized since 2013 with his single « All Night ». He’s got now two EPs and five LPs, two of which have been released on his own record company « In Your Brain LLC ». He has made some good collaborations as a singer for Timecop1983, Hibachi Kid or DJ Ten aka Ten. S, the founder of the famous « NewRetroWave » media. They’ve recently released a new single named « Viral Lust » for NRW records, following the exceptional track « The Inner Voice », released in 2014. The artist also released some quite video clips by adding his artistic touch with his own visual effects and even goes to direct the bloody video of « The Possession », the shameless « Girlfriend » and the hypnotic « Isolated ». Note that the video of « Summer Move » was directed by Harper Shecter & Matthew Tuppen, « Suicide » by MVXXIII, the very nice « Out there » by Ben Kavanagh and the VHS animation « Feel the Waves » by Spencer Xavier. Can’t wait for the next!

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In Your Brain LLC

United States (Miami)

Latest Releases

Here are the first EP and last LP of Trevor Something.
For the complete releases, please check the discography here

Latest Single

LP releases

▸ Deep Wave Data Dark Web Daemons (2020) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Microwaves (2020) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Bots Don’t Cry (2019) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Ultraparanoia (2018) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Die With You (2017) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Soulless Computer Boy And The Eternal Render (2016) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Death Dream (2015) ∴ Self-released
▸ Trevor Something Does Not Exist (2014) ∴ Self-released
▸ Synthetic Love (2014) ∴ Self-released

EP release

▸ Escape (2019) ∴ Self-released
▸ Trevor Something Does Not Exist (2018) ∴ In Your Brain LLC
▸ Lost Love (2018) ∴ Self-released
▸ Suicide (2017) ∴ Self-released
▸ Lost Memories (2016) ∴ Self-released
▸ Distorted Reality (2014) ∴ Self-released


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