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Timecop1983 is a musician from Netherlands born in 1983, influenced by the 80s, he composes with machines of the last generation for a subtle, dreamy, nostalgic and romantic music with fantastic and memorable melodies.

The artist began to make music from the age of 12 and was influenced by electronic music during his holidays in France to compose, himself, some Synthwave music, more specifically, Dreamwave. He uses both virtual synthesizers with CAM programs and hardware instruments. Some of Jordy’s tracks include vocals with singers from Europe and USA such as « Dana Jean Phoenix », « Matt Turgington » or « Femmepop ». He’s influenced by Heavy Metal as well as Classical Music and Deep House, but it’s after listening to the soundtrack of DRIVE, movie by « Nicolas Winding Refn », that he became a fan of « Electric Youth » and « Kavinsky ». Which it incited him to take the path of Synthwave universe. His first single « Childhood Memories » was relayed by the Youtube channel « New Retro Wave » and from there, everything was launched for a really interesting audience. Which prompted him to produce 4 EP (Reflections in 2016) and 3 Albums (Running in the dark in 2015). He also has a more « dark » project but still in Synthwave’s style, named « Division » with an EP named « 2083 ». He’s currently touring in Europe.

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