About Robert Parker

Robert Parker is a Swedish artist from Stockholm who is specialized in electronic music inspired by the 80s. He has a training of classical pianist which allowed him to create multiple fantastic melodies coupled with mythical sonorities filled with nostalgia. He is now a reference in Synthwave music with several albums and singles to his credit.

His piano story has naturally led him to an oversized passion for analog synthesizers such as the Korg Polysix, which was his first purchase in 2009 and a great revelation for electronic music. His music is a skilful mix between magic machines like Roland Juno 106, Minimoog, SH-101 and virtual instruments such as VST under DAWs. His musical style varies between Chiptunes, Disco but also and especially Outrun, Synthwave and Synthpop. In 2014 the adventure begins with a first album (self-produced) and a single with the Swedish ‘Waveshaper’. 2 albums soon followed but it’s in 2016 that everything explodes with the excellent LP named ‘Crystal City’, released on the label of the legendary youtube channel ‘New Retro Wave’. And also a signature at the ultimate ‘Monstera’, the incredible agency that has worked with the famous Kavinsky, Justice, Vitalic, Crystal Casles, Gesaffelstein or Cut Copy, Die Antwoord and many others. He performs some Live Shows and DJ mixes all over the world like in France, Canada, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, China. His latest EP named ‘Awakening’ was recently released on ‘Lazerdiscs Records’, the label created by the founders of ‘DRIVE Radio’.​

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Lazerdiscs Records, NRW Records

Sweden (Stockholm)

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LP & EP releases

Awakening (2017) ∴ Lazerdiscs Records
Flight Comfort (2016) ∴ Self Released
Crystal City (2016) ∴ NRW Records
The Singles 2013-2015 (2015) ∴ Self Released
Money Talks (2015) ∴ Self Released
Cardinal (2015) ∴ Telefuture Records
Modern Moves (2014) ∴ Future City Records
Drive. Sweat. Play. (2013) ∴ Self Released


Race To Paris (2016) ∴ Lazerdiscs Records
Love Theme (2016) ∴ Self Released
’85 Again (2016) ∴ Self Released
Highway Star (2013) ∴ Self Released
Modern Technology (2014) ∴ Self Released
Brooklyn Bridge (2014) ∴ Self Released
Interstellar Traveller (2014) ∴ Self Released
Brave New World (2014) ∴ Self Released
Fashion Funk (2015) ∴ Self Released
SHOOTER (2015) ∴ Self Released
Love Lost (2015) ∴ Self Released



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