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Perturbator aka James Kent is a French artist from Paris. Having a background in the world of Black Metal as a guitarist, he quickly specialized himself to the world of electronic music based on horror films from the 80s. His music is classified in Synthwave style, more specifically DARKSYNTH.

He’s influenced by Tangerine Dream (Streethawk) or Vangelis and by the pillars of Heavy Metal world as « Slayer » or « Tool », but also by the cyberpunk culture of « Blade Runner » and animated films such as « Ghost In The Shell » and « Akira ». All of this gives a very melancholy, violent and melodic mixture that could be compared to the genre of his compatriot « Carpenter Brut ». He also composed the track « Complete Domination » with Franck and he’s often in LIVE at his side. For the composition, he uses several virtual vintage synthesizers such as the CS-808 or the OB-X. In 2012. He independently released his first album named « Terror 404 » followed shortly after by his second album « I Am The Night » released under the same conditions. But his career took a radical rise in popularity when the creators of the game « Hotline Miami » became interested of his music and decided to take some tracks of « Perturbator » into the soundtrack of the game. James even participated in the soundtrack of the suite named « Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number ». In the Finnish label « Blood Music », specialized in dark and experimental music, he released « Dangerous Days » and in 2016, the album « The Uncanny Valley », still in the same record label. In 2017, he’s conquering America because he’s touring in North America for the promotion of his latest album. His latest EP named « New Model », released in September 2017, marks a more than remarkable sound evolution.

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