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NINA aka Nina Boldt is a German singer songwriter living in the UK. Her musical style is electronic music inspired by the 80s. She’s an inescapable singer of Synthwave and Synthpop, which earned her the nickname of ‘Queen of Synthwave’.

The singer was born in Berlin and started singing at the age of 6 years old and then followed a classical training as a teenager. Her greatest artistic inspiration is the New Wave legends, Depeche Mode. In 2011 the English label « Aztec Records » discovered NINA and released her first EP, but it was in 2013 with « We Are The Wild Ones » that NINA reached the masses, when US TV channel SyFy used her music for TV series « Being Human » (S4). In 2014 her EP « My Mistake » was released, and her music was used by HUGO BOSS, ASOS, Adidas, Net-a-Porter but also Mercedes Benz, for tv ads and compilations. In 2016, Synthwave producers Richard X, Oscillian and Sunglasses Kid produced her « Beyond Memory » EP, with remixes of Nilesh & Liam Keegan (Ministry of Sound) and Oscillian. It was a hit on iTunes as soon as it was released, and it was also played on « BBC Introducing » in London and premiered by « Idolator ». In 2017 « One Of Us » was released as a collaboration with Metropolis Studios, which allowed her to appear in several Synthwave festivals during the year and even in July of this year at « Retro Future Fest 2 « . Since 2014, NINA has been performing LIVE around the UK, but also in Canada and the US with ERASURE, as well as at the « CBGB’s Festival » and the « Pyramid Club » in New York. NINA also made an appearance on the US TV channel « NBC6 » to perform « My Mistake » live. NINA’s debut album ‘Sleepwalking’ was released in March 2018 worldwide and her latest LP called ‘Synthian’ was released in June 2020.

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LP releases

Synthian The Remixes (2020) ∴ Aztec Records
Synthian (2020)
Aztec Records
Sleepwalking (2018)Aztec Records

EP releases

Automatic Call (2019)Aztec Records
One Of Us (2017)Aztec Records
Beyond Memory (2016)Aztec Records
My Mistake (2014)Aztec Records
We Are The Wild Ones (2013)Aztec Records
Take Me Away (2011)Aztec Records


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