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Mitch Murder aka Johan Bengtsson is a composer of electronic music from Stockholm, Sweden, and has been one of the undisputed pillars of the Synthwave world scene since 2010.

He’s simply the best representation of what the music of the 80’s can be, conjuring the sounds of the past with current technology and possess a rare richness in melodies as complex and joyful as captivating. Everything started in 2009 with his first official EP called « After Hours » followed by a series of EPs, 3 albums and 3 Soundtracks on different record labels, including the famous « Mad Decent » (Diplo, Major Lazer, DJ Snake). He also put his personal touch to many video game and movie themes of the 80s through covers (Tron, Terminator, Sonic, Another Word). The Swedish director « David Sandberg » contacted him in 2014 to take care of the soundtrack for his unbelievable short film « Kung Fury » that became a worldwide success, and he collaborated with actor « David Hasselhoff » (Knight Rider) for the interplanetary HIT « True Survivor ». In October 2016 he released his most recent EP « The Real Deal » and has evidently stayed true to his sound. He doesn’t use hardware synths at all, but instead relies on programs known as « Trackers » (from Scream Tracker to Renoise) coupled with various VSTs, to realize his compositions. A little known fact: The VERY first Mitch Murder album was a 15 track instrumental Hip Hop album in 2006, that has yet to see the light of day.

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Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Rosso Corsa Records, DX Seven,
Mad Decent, Universal Music

Sweden (Stockholm)

Latest Releases

Here are the latest LP and EP of Mitch Murder.
For the complete releases, please check the discography here

Latest Single

Beach Interlude (2020 Rework)

LP releases

▸ Impact Winter OST (2018)  Self-released
▸ Megamagic OST (2016)  Self-released
▸ Kung Fury OST (2015)  Self-released
▸ Interceptor (2014)  Mad Decent
▸ Sprawl OST (2012) Self-released
▸ Current Events (2011)  Rosso Corsa
▸ Burning Chrome (2010)  Rosso Corsa

EP releases

▸ The Line (2018) ∴ Self-released
▸ Hardwired (2018) ∴ Electronic Purification
▸ Zero Strike (2017) ∴ Self-released
▸ The Real Deal (2016) DX Seven
▸ Mech Hunter OST (2016)  Self-released
▸ Ocean Avenue (2014)  Self-released
▸ Another Place (2013)  Self-released
▸ Just Till Midnight (2013)  Self-released
▸ Breeze (2013)  Self-released
▸ The Touch (2013) Mad Decent
▸ Mars (2012)  Self-released
▸ Glass Cities (2012) ÐhARMA
▸ Elevator Music (2011)  Self-released
▸ This Is Now (2011)  Self-released
▸ Television (2010) Karakasa Music
▸ After Hours (2009)  Self-released

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