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Lazerhawk aka Garrett Hays comes from the United States (Austin, Texas) and he’s one of the most famous producers of Synthwave Music. He’s a pillar of the renowned Label named « Rosso Corsa Records », alongside legends like « Mitch Murder » & « Miami Night 1984 ».

In the late 2000s, he began to broadcast his music on Myspace but it was the compilation « Masters of the Universe » that triggered everything. This allowed him to compose his first Chillwave album named « Redline » in 2010. His electronic music, based on sonorities coming from the 80s, has charmed the fans of « Kavinsky » and « Valerie Collective » (College, Outrunners, Anoraak). The bewitching melodies inspired by the best of Science Fiction and Horror movies of old time, rhythmics and guitar recalling series of our childhood, but all of this with a touch of modernity and very current sounds. With « Visitors », released in 2012, he went to Space Disco, Outrun and Dreamwave styles. Garrett claimed the fact that we can compose some good music without having a big equipment, sometimes just a computer and good emulators could be enough. In 2013 the album « Skull and Shark » signed a very dark return to a Darksynth direction, especially with the design of the cover. Some very good tracks illuminate this LP with a RSW preference for « Fight To The Top » which we listen in loop. This January 18, his new album called « Dreamrider » was released on « Rosso Corsa Records » with 13 huge tracks and one with GUNSHIP. Enjoy!

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