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Lazerhawk aka Garrett Hays comes from the United States (Austin, Texas) and he’s one of the most famous producers of Synthwave Music. He’s a pillar of the renowned Label named “Rosso Corsa Records”, alongside legends like “Mitch Murder” & “Miami Night 1984”.

In the late 2000s, he began to broadcast his music on Myspace but it was the compilation “Masters of the Universe” that triggered everything. This allowed him to compose his first Chillwave album named “Redline” in 2010. His electronic music, based on sonorities coming from the 80s, has charmed the fans of “Kavinsky” and “Valerie Collective” (College, Outrunners, Anoraak). The bewitching melodies inspired by the best of Science Fiction and Horror movies of old time, rhythmics and guitar recalling series of our childhood, but all of this with a touch of modernity and very current sounds. With “Visitors”, released in 2012, he went to Space Disco, Outrun and Dreamwave styles. Garrett claimed the fact that we can compose some good music without having a big equipment, sometimes just a computer and good emulators could be enough. In 2013 the album “Skull and Shark” signed a very dark return to a Darksynth direction, especially with the design of the cover. Some very good tracks illuminate this LP with a RSW preference for “Fight To The Top” which we listen in loop. This January 18, his new album called “Dreamrider” was released on “Rosso Corsa Records” with 13 huge tracks and one with GUNSHIP. Enjoy!

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