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Actor the day, DJ at night and full-time as a Zombie and Ferrari driver. Kavinsky aka Vincent Belorgey is from France in Seine-Saint-Denis and he was born in 1975.

He became known in 2005 with his EP named « Teddy Boy » released on the label of the frnech duo « AIR », Record Makers. Having a very particular style with 80s sounds combined to Electro Rock Music, he created a « Synthwave Music » Style in parallel with « College » from Valerie Collective. Very close to the team of Ed Banger Records and the robots « Daft Punk », in 2007 with SebastiAn, he maked the first part of « Alive 2007 » throughout the world tour of the French Touch’s Kings. After, in 2010 he released his 3rd EP named « Nightcall » and composed by « Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo » (golden half of Daft Punk), with a track of the same name that caught the attention of the excellent director « Nicolas Winding Refn » for his legendary movie named DRIVE. Thanks to the film, « Nightcall » had a phenomenal worldwide success, which prompted Kavinsky to make an album. SebastiAn produced his first album called « Outrun » (reference to the Sega game and Synthwave). It should also be noted that Vincent Belorgey has played some roles in several clips (Benjamin Diamond…) and movies like « Nonfilm » (with Sebastien Tellier) and « Steak » (with Eric & Ramzi, french humorists) from his longtime friend Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo). It was Quentin who initiated him to the CAM by giving him an old Mac. His second album is highly anticipated.

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