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Anoraak aka Frédéric Rivière is a French musician from Nantes in the west of France. He has been part of Valerie Collective since the beginning of its creation by College. He’s now an ultimate reference in this electronic music kind inspired by the 80s, called Synthwave music. Particularly in Synthpop style because in addition to composing, he sings.

He started as a drummer for the legendary French band Pony Pony Run Run and continued with his solo project in 2008 under the name of Anoraak, accompanied by his debut album ‘Nightdrive With You’ on the label ‘Endless Summer Recordings’. In 2010 he released the album ‘Wherever The Sun Sets’ at ‘Naïve’ and in 2013 his last album ‘Chronotropic’ on ‘Grand Blanc’. He also released a series of EP on these Labels but also on ‘Midnight In Paris’ and ‘Sonic Cathedral Recordings’. In parallel he went on tour around the world for a lot of DJ Sets and exceptional Lives in which he uses his voice and plays any type of instruments. Note that the musician has made many remixes for prestigious bands like Metronomy, Junkie Xl, Mika, Neon Indian and many more… His EP named ‘Figure’, released in 2016, includes the track ‘We Lost feat. Slow Shiver’ that made a lot of noise, notably in major media such as ‘Dancing Astronaut’ and was played in club by ‘Dj Raul Campos ‘, ‘Goldroom ‘, ‘Satin Jackets’ and it triumphed on ‘Spotify Mexico’. The video clip of the single ‘Figure’ has received a lot of support from TV channels such as ‘Clique TV’ and ‘MTV Asia’. On June 2 of this year, the artist made his big comeback with a magnificent EP, ‘Black Gold Sun’ for which he surrounded himself with the Danish singer called Lydmor. Effective tracks honoring the spirit of the 80s under a fantasttic Synthpop style. Let’s also point out that his graphic designer is part of the German collective ‘The Zonders’, which takes care of most of the visuals of ‘Valerie’ artists. Anoraak is currently on a world tour.​

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