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Absolute Valentine aka Johann Derime is a French musician from Marseille. His artistic style is largely influenced by the best of the 80s with modern and effective sounds, making a high quality Outrun and Darksynth music.

All started in 2015 with his first EP ‘Sunset Love’ which received a very good welcome with more than 130,000 views on the Youtube channel of Luigi Donatello. But it was with the release of his first album ‘Police Heartbreaker’, released in 2016, that the serious things have began with a lot of support by the american media NewRetroWave. Also, the artist has gone on tour through Europe in numerous festivals alongside renowned artists such as Lifelike, Carpenter Brut, Anoraak and many others. As a great sound engineer, his recording studio is equipped with prestigious musical instruments that allow him to compose fantastic tracks but also to realize high quality masterings. As for Cody Carpenter, the son of the legendary director of The Thing and New York 1997. Note that he is also the founder of ‘Lazerdiscs Records’ and one of the co-founder of the renowned Synthwave media ‘Drive Radio’. Absolute Valentine has a very fast life and never stops.

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