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Johann Derime, known professionally as Absolute Valentine, is a prominent figure in the Synthwave music scene, hailing from Marseille, France. His music, characterized by a blend of 80s nostalgia and contemporary sonic elements, has earned him acclaim in both the Outrun and Darksynth genres. Not only has Absolute Valentine captured the attention of fans worldwide, but his work has also garnered significant support from leading American media outlets specializing in Synthwave music.

Absolute Valentine’s journey in the music industry began in 2015 with the release of his debut EP ‘Sunset Love,’ which quickly gained traction, amassing over 130,000 views on Luigi Donatello’s YouTube channel. However, it was his 2016 album ‘Police Heartbreaker’ that truly marked his arrival on the international stage, receiving extensive backing from the influential American media platform NewRetroWave. Beyond his studio successes, Absolute Valentine has also made a name for himself on the live music circuit, touring across Europe and performing at numerous festivals. His stage presence has been bolstered by sharing line-ups with esteemed artists like Lifelike, Carpenter Brut, and Anoraak.

In addition to his prowess as a musician, Johann Derime is an accomplished sound engineer. His recording studio boasts an array of prestigious musical instruments, enabling him to not only create captivating tracks but also deliver high-quality mastering services. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial spirit is evident through his roles as the founder of ‘Lazerdiscs Records’ and co-founder of the renowned Synthwave media outlet ‘Drive Radio’. Absolute Valentine’s dynamic career is a testament to his tireless dedication to the Synthwave genre, continually pushing its boundaries and solidifying his status as a key influencer in the music world.

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Lazerdiscs Records

France (Marseille)

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Here are the latest EP and LP of Absolute Valentine.
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Last Single

LP release

American Nightmares (2021) Lazerdiscs
Police Heartbreaker (2016) Lazerdiscs
American Nightmares (2013) Self-released

EP releases

Cyber Ravage (2021) Lazerdiscs Records
Chainsaw Revenge (2020) Lazerdiscs Records
Absolute Valentine Feat Billy Mays Band – DNA War (2019) Lazerdiscs Records
Sunset Love (2014) Future 80’s Records



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